The Board

Sam Sarjant – Chairman. It’s hard to imagine the Wageningen Board Gamers without our incredibly tall, long-haired, New Zealand leader. He’s been there since the earliest days and has been carrying the whole operation on his back before we formed the board. His strong improvisational skills and vast knowledge of games make him the go-to point for anyone remotely interested in our things

Nienke Fleur Luchtemeijer – Treasurer. Just like every proper Eurogame, the Wageningen Board Gamers play a tight resource management game that requires diligent bookkeeping. Nienke’s expert spreadsheet skills and masterful foresight help us keep track of all income and expenditures.

Jos Naber – Secretary. Notekeeping is an artform in itself, but Jos does so much more for the Wageningen Board Gamers. The Sunday nights at Café Rad are in more than capable hands under his leadership, and have grown to be our most consistent event with its own dedicated crowd.

Marianne Schokkenbroek Librarian. We are proud to have a growing, crowd-funded library of quality games, but we’re even more proud of the pristine state this well-curated collection is kept in. Marianne takes her role as librarian seriously and makes sure people return the games on time and prepares the games for library usage with stickers and printed translations.

Erik-Jan van Oosten – Offline promoting. To be fair, the team thinks of him as webmaster, but he’s more interested in the side-projects such as the annual Essen Spiel visit with a delegation of about 30 boardgamers and spreading the word about boardgames through posters and flyers. Have you seen a Wageningen Board Gamers poster around town? Chances are high that E-J put them up there. If only he put that much energy in maintaining this website..

Ruben van Heck – General Board Member. We’ve yet to pin down what role Ruben will play in the Wageningen Board Gamer Board, which turns out to be really hard. The truth is he really is a jack-of-all-trades and has yet to show us something he can’t do. When you need him he’s there. Also when the vote is split it is fantastic how his presence makes us uneven. Ruben, we couldn’t do this without you!

Tessa van Keeken – Merchandise and content. You probably have seen these beautiful shirts, sweaters and hoodies with the Wageningen Board Gamers logo on them all over town. Tessa has a keen eye for fashion and arranges many, many colours of fashionable merch for us to pick from. She’s also an organiser of the weekend getaways and always on the lookout for content to share on our our WBG Facebook account. Got pictures, an event or a story? Send it to Tessa!