The Cult of the Clocktower

Who’s telling the truth? Who’s lying about their secret identity? These questions that fascinate the gamers of “The Cult of the Clocktower”. These players are huge fans of social deduction, a genre of games such as Werewolves, Secret Hitler and Mafia. The ultimate social deduction game is the imposing Blood On The Clocktower. An intricate game for groups of 6 to 18 people where everyone has a unique role.

The Wageningen Boardgame Library page describes this game as follows:

Blood on the Clocktower

One of the crown jewels of the Wageningen boardgame library is the social-deduction groupgame Blood on the Clocktower. Think werewolves but bigger with about 70 different roles and many, many options. This game is quite complex though. It requires the storyteller to be very aware of all the things that could happen during this immersive journey of a game.

Join the cult

Want to find out what this game is like? There’s a channel on our discord and a dedicated whatsapp group where you can join for a session, no strings attached! We have various experienced storytellers who will guide you through your first game.

Did you know that this game teaches you real-life skills that are actually pretty useful in day-to-day situations? Life is just that much easier once you have become the master of manipulation, deception, trickery, politicking and partial-truth telling, just ask the people who have played this game and see: there’s no way to tell if they are hiding a secret from you. Well, I’ll let you in on a secret: this game is something special!