The Heavy Gamers Guild

The Heavy Gamers Guild is all about big, complex and deeply strategic boardgames. Think games where you set up various railway companies in the 1800’s, or where you want to score victory-points by balancing like 15 different resources while also having to worry about area’s, the cards in your hand and some exotic asymmetric player powers. Yes, this is the realm of games with a complexity rating of 4 and higher on BGG.

Why the Heavy Gamers Guild?

Heavy games require quite a bit more commitment from the player. The players familiarize themselves with the rules beforehand because otherwise there won’t be enough time to finish the game in one evening. This is why we plan our game sessions beforehand. If you want to play a heavy game, pitch it in the heavy boardgames discord channel and pick a date together with the interested players. We even do heavy gaming afternoons now and then to get the biggest, most demanding games to the table.