Boardgame night on the Wageningen Campus

March 21, 2023Uncategorised

Wageningen Board Gamers & The SPOT proudly present: BOARDGAME EVENING @ The SPOT, Orion Building Wageningen Campus.
6 April – 17:30 until building closes

  • Enjoy some great games and order lovely food and drinks at the SPOT!
  • Bring your friends / colleagues
  • Bring your favourite game or try something from our game collection.
  • Don’t worry about the rules, we’ve got game-explainers!

Who are we?

The Wageningen Board Gamers are a group of boardgame and cardgame enthusiasts who come together regularly to share their passion.
The SPOT is a vibrant student bar located in the Orion building on Wageningen campus.

Why are we organising this event?

Because boardgames are a fun way to get to know your fellow students, colleagues, or other people at a whole new level. The Wageningen Board Gamers have been organising events in the city centre of Wageningen for years. Together with The SPOT we’re now expanding to the Wageningen Campus.

More information can be found in the Facebook event page.