Wild and Wondrous Winter Getaway 2023

March 10, 2023Getaway

It has been a few days now since the extravaganza that was the Wageningen Board Gamers Winter Getaway 2023. Now my mind is relaxed, my component-sliding shoulders are loose, and the smell of cardboard and wooden tokens has finally left my nose, so time to write a recap. This getaway was our biggest getaway thus far, and might I daresay the best?

The organisers Randy, Anouk & Ruben did an excellent job with organising the venue (Het Uiltje in Lunteren – an excellent spot!), the food (delicious burrito dinner), and the group events. Specifically, we opened by answering some obscure personal questions then hurling the scrunched up A4 at eash other, before picking it up to find just who the hell is scared of Skaven Abominations and who has played Honey Heist? A lot of confusion, but certainly a good way to be introduced to everyone.

And the Saturday night event was even better: A Board Game Pub Quiz! While I personally found the anagrams completely impossible to unscramble, the rest of the my team ‘The Manly Cows’ could puzzle a few out. We were even able to take the win through astute dice observation, a keen ear for board game names in musical lyrics (Total Eclipse of the Heart, anyone?), and a thorough knowledge of board game history, including the enormous catalogue of Uwe Rosenberg games.

But what was played? The Crokinole board was regularly in use, often with the modifier of using woollen cat paws from Fish & Katz. Myself and 5 others successfully drove out the invaders in a massive 6 player game of Spirit Island. Blood on the Clocktower, the newest craze in social deduction, was played not once but twice, with accusations occasionally escaping upstairs from the underground disco room in which it was held. And so many more games. To be specific: 55 games were played at least once (and many were played multiple times!).

As always, it felt both too short and long enough, but I think everyone went home happy and thoroughly board gamed out. Except, I’m sure, for Jos whom I’m guessing still went to Cafe Rad van Wageningen anyway. Insanity…

We aim to run these events twice a year, so keep an eye out for the Summer Getaway 2023! Spaces are of course limited, but as a Meeple Member you get access to pre-registration for such events among other benefits. In any case, I hope to see you all at one of the next monthly meetups!