November 2019 Announcements

New things for November! We’ve got three big announcements for November: T-shirt orders are open again, a new monthly meetup and a whole weekend of playing board games!

You may have seen some members wearing the official Wageningen Board Gamers shirt (pictured at Essen Spiel ‘19) and thought “Boy, I’d like one of those!”. Well now’s your chance! Featuring a slick logo designed by our own member Boris, this shirt comes in whatever colours you want. Just leave a comment here, Facebook, Discord, or send us an email at to be added to the purchase order. The more people who sign up, the cheaper the shirt will be (e.g. 20 people is about €10/shirt).

We’ve noticed our regular fourth Thursday of the month meetup is getting popular, and sometimes we don’t have enough tables! On top of that we’ve also heard that many of you cannot attend a Thursday regularly. Fear no more! From December 2019, we are introducing a Sunday afternoon meetup from 12:00-17:00 at Thuis Wageningen, on the first Sunday of the month. As always, the event is 100% free, and welcomes all who wish to join. And afterwards, there’s still the unofficial Cafe Rad van Wageningen meetup in the evening.

Finally, there is even more board gaming on the calendar, as at Valentine’s weekend (yes this is a thing now) you will be able to show you love of board games by joining our very first Winter edition of the Wageningen Board Gamers Getaway (WBGG for short). We’ve booked an awesome accommodation with plenty of room for gaming for up to 36 people. More details on the price and how to sign up will be announced soon, but be sure to already mark the weekend of 14 till 16 February in your calendar!