Boardgame Library

Thanks to our meeple-members we’ve been able to start building up a board game library. Our Librarian manages the growing collection of quality games. You can try them out during our events, and if you become a meeple-member you can also borrow games from the library. The collection is housed at THUIS Wageningen.

The rules for acquisition, usage, and management of the Library games can be found in this document (English).

The Collection

New games are constantly added to the library. The most up-to-date list of our collection can be found on our BoardGameGeek profile.


Character + Time + Weapon + Animal… What? Ohh, you mean a cowboy! That’s Concept, except the clue giver has to stay completely quiet, only using tokens to lead your team towards guessing the secret word or phrase. Concept technically is played in teams, but most of the time it just turns into going around the table and playing for the fun of it, rather than for points. Plays 2 to as many as you want!


Coup is easily Sam’s favorite hidden role game. If you see someone stifle a laugh when another person claims “I’m the Duke”, you know they’ve been playing Coup. In Coup, you have two hidden roles of five possible roles and you need to bluff (and call bluffs) to be the last person left in this 5-minute game. But one round certainly won’t be enough! Plays 2-6, but best with at least 4.

Deception: Murder in Hong Kong

Cause of Death: Loss of Blood. Location: Garage. Why is everyone looking at my Motor Oil evidence card and Katana weapon card? I’m innocent, surely you can tell! Deception: Murder in Hong Kong is a Werewolf-like game in which one player knows the murderer and their method of murder, but can only communicate in obscure hints, leaving it to the table to determine just what they meant when the “Victim’s Expression” is “Blank”. Plays from 4-12 players, and the WBG copy even has the expansion included with it.


Dixit is all about being obscure, but not too obscure. Being clear, but not too clear. In Dixit, you are trying to give the perfect clue so most (but not all) players guess the right surreal image card. Each card is a beautifully surreal artwork conjuring thoughts, memories, and concepts unique to each player. Plays 3-8 players, but best with 5-6.

Endless Winter

The year is around 10,000 BCE. Ice covers the land, and you and your tribe are seeking to make your mark on history. Endless Winter is a heavyweight Eurogame with a playtime of at least 3 hours. Despite the limited actions available in the game, every decision is gruelling and only the keenest minds will prevail. This game blends deck building and worker placement into one satsifying and beautiful game.


Harmonies is reminiscent of both Azul and Cascadia: take turns by placing blocks into your habitat and creating perfect environments for the lusciously illustrated animals to dwell upon. The blocks are nice and chunky, the artwork is great, and the gameplay is simple enough for families, but wiht enough bite to challenge experienced gamers.

Living Forest

Living Forest was 2021’s expert game of the year, and for good reason: it’s great! You are one of four forest spirits who are trying to save the great tree from burning at the hand of Onibi. Will you grow trees thick and plentiful, put out Onibi’s flames, or cleanse the evil creature completely through Sacred Lotuses? Only one player can win, and there are multiple paths to victory. This game combines push-your-luck, deckbuilding, and adorable creatures.

Lords of Waterdeep

Set in the Forgotten Realms, within the Dungeons and Dragons fictional universe, Lords of Waterdeep is not a game of adventuring, but rather a game of sending adventurers out to achieve your own political goals within the city of Waterdeep. Lords of Waterdeep is a solid worker placement game, where the tastiest moment is hearing your opponent groan in frustration as you take the spot they needed to go to. Plays 2-5 players.

Marvel Champions: The Card Game

In Marvel Champions, you and a group of teammates will play as iconic Marvel heroes, facing one of several well-known villains. This game is highly customisable, with several heroes and villains ot choose from, and for each hero, four different aspects. Will you be an Aggressive Spiderman or a She-Hulk for Justice? Each hero plays differently, and every villain presents their own unique challenges. Excelsior!

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