Board Game Blitz! –

October 11, 2020Uncategorised

Due to Covid-19 the biggest board game fair of the world, Essen Spiel, has been cancelled this year (in physical form). Fortunately instead of the physical fair in Essen there will be an online event called, where you can learn about all the new games released during the fair (over 1400+) and even play a lot of them digitally! 

As a lot of the Wageningen Board Gamers go together to the fair each year, we wanted to also organize something to still be able to ‘celebrate’ the Essen Spiel fair this year. In collaboration with de Tinnen Soldaat, Games & Geekery, Cadeau Huis and Astrant we are organizing several events during the Spiel.Digital event.

We have not planned any physical events in Wageningen, but will organize 4 days of playing games, and socialize digitally on our Discord channel! In Ede you will be able to play physical games (as long as the Covid-19 measurements allow it) on several locations, but you will have to register for them. 

For more information about the organized events check the facebook event pages below!

We hope to see you all during one of the events!