Wageningen Board Gamers

Hi there board gamer and welcome to the Wageningen Board Gamers, the Board Game group of Wageningen!


About Us

As Wageningen Board Gamers we are all about playing board games and making new friends while we do it! Don’t worry we like playing card games as well 😉.

Normally we meet every fourth Thursday and first Sunday of the month at THUISWageningen, the open living room at the city centre. Next to that we would also meet every Sunday evening at our favourite bar Rad van Wageningen to enjoy a nice beer and game. However due to the recent outbreak of the Corona Virus most events are cancelled until further notice.

Please check out our Discord group or Facebook page or the Facebook pages of Thuis, de Tinnen Soldaat and Games and Geekery  for updates.

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December 4, 2021

No events scheduled for today!


Wageningen Board Gamers aims to allow as many people as possible to be able to join in playing board games.  All the publicly WBG-organized board game sessions at Thuis Wageningen or het Rad are open to all, that simple. There are no costs and no obligations, although you can always make a voluntary donation to Thuis and you are required to buy your own drinks at het Rad. You can follow us on Facebook, join the Facebook group, or join us on Discord to hear news about public sessions and weekends and arrange game sessions. If you want to be more involved with the Wageningen Board Gamers you can become a “Meeple”.

Become a Meeple at Wageningen Board Gamers!

So you really like to play board games? Maybe you’ve been to the monthly gatherings in Thuis Wageningen or the weekly meetings in Café Rad, Maybe you’ve even been on one of our board game weekends or went to Essen SPIEL with us and thought to yourself: I want MORE of this, and BETTER! Well, have we got just the thing for you: Become a “Meeple” at the Wageningen Board Gamers!

For a minimum contribution of €25, you can become a Meeple for 12 months. This makes you an ambassador of the board game hobby in Wageningen and gives you access to everything you’ve come to expect of us, as well as:

  • A fancy, laminated WBG Meeple card!

  • The WBG Meeple WhatsApp group and Discord channels for organising game nights and discussing game related issues.

  • The Communal Game Library on board game evenings, as well as borrowing games to play at home. As more members join, we will add more games to the library and we will ask you, our Meeples, which games to add. 

  • 10% discount on purchases at both Games and Geekery in Wageningen and De Tinnen Soldaat in Ede with presentation of your WBG Meeple card.

  • Pre-registration (14-day advance notice) for our biannual Board Game Getaway Weekends, and yearly Essen Spiel trip.

Note that all contributions go towards communal game library purchases, helping our host Thuis Wageningen, and other misc. costs associated with the organisation. This is a not for-profit initiative.